In House Workshop - Group Bookings

In House Workshop - Group Bookings 

This page explains the process of setting up an in-house workshop with the ability to take group bookings. A group booking is where a price for a minimum number of participants is quoted and every participant over that minimum number is charged at a different rate. For example you may quote a company to run a workshop for a minimum of 10 people for $1500, every participant that attends over the 10 is charged at an additional $200 per person.

Basic Steps

  1. Choose Workshops > Add New Workshop. 

  2. Fill in the Workshop Details form. 

  3. Select a Workshop Type and in-house option as a Coordination Type from the drop-down lists. 
  4. Click the Continue button. 
  5. Populate the remaining fields on the Workshop Details page. For more information, see Notes For Specific Fields.

  6. Continue the process of creating a new Workshop Instance, see Registering a Contact for a Workshop for more information. 

Notes For Specific Fields

Field Name
Field Notes
In-House/Consultancy Only form
Apply Group PricingTick the Apply Group Pricing box.
In-House Group RateEnter the In-House Group Rate. NOTE: This is the minimum charge that covers the minimum participants entered into the Workshop Details section above.
Cost per Participant Over MinimumEnter the Cost per Participant Over Minimum. This is the cost charged for every participant that attends the Workshop.
Workbook CostThe Workbook Cost field allows you to enter the cost of an individual workbook.
Purchase Order No.Enter a Purchase Order No.if applicable.