Registering a Contact for a Workshop

Registering a Contact for a Workshop 

This page explains the process of registering (enrolling) a contact for an in-house workshop (Short Course), which includes invoicing. 

Basic Steps

  1. Search for the desired contact to display their View Contact page. 

  2. Click on the Actions tab and select the Register for Workshop option from the drop-down menu. 

  3. Populate fields as required. 

  4. Click the Continue button.

  5. You will then be taken to the Confirm Price page. For more information, see Notes For Specific Fields
  6. Click the Confirm Price button. 
  7. You will then be taken to the Booking Confirmation page. 

Notes For Specific Fields

Field Name
Field Notes
Workshop Booking - (Step 1)
ContactThe Contact name will be displayed.
Booking Type

Select the Booking Type from the drop-down menu. There are two types of bookings: Normal or Tentative.

  • When the Normal booking option is selected (by default), you will not see the Tentative Type select drop-down show.
  • The Tentative Booking option allows you to register the contact as tentative booking against the workshop but will confirm at a later date, usually after approval from an employer or when the contact's schedule is confirmed.
Tentative Booking

Tentative Booking allows the following three options:

  1. Book <Contact Name> - The individual books as a tentative booking just for themselves (and will confirm booking at a later date);
  2. Book Other Contacts - An Individual/employer contact wishes to 'hold', say, three places on a workshop but doesn't know the names of the attendees at this stage;
  3. Book <Contact Name> and Others - This option allows the individual to book themselves and, say, two additional places making a total of three tentative bookings.

Book onUse the Book on field to select the Workshop type drop-down menu and select the appropriate instance.
Date of BookingEnter the Date of Booking, which will display as today's date by default.
MethodSelect the Method of the booking from the drop-down list.
Purchase Order NumberEnter the Purchase Order Number if applicable.
Requested byUse the Requested by field to select the contact who requested the booking to be made. By default, this field will display the name of the contact who is being enrolled.
Done WithUse the Done With field to select the User who entered the booking. By default, this field will display the user who is logged in and performing the booking.
Additional CommentsEnter any Additional Comments if desired. For example, this participant requires a vegetarian meal for lunch.
Confirm Price Page - (Step 2)
Concession DiscountThe Concession Discount drop-down field will only display if you have the Discounts turned on for your system and set up at the Workshop Type level. This is a no charge optional feature.
Original Price

Displayed only if the "Workshop Discounts" system setting is ENABLED

Original Cost displays the 'recommended retail price' that is set by default for this Workshop Type. This is shown so you can see the calculations if discounts are applied.


Displayed only if the "Workshop Discounts" system setting is ENABLED

If discounts have been configured such that course or the contact you are booking should receive a discount, the details of the discounts that automatically apply will be shown here.

Each discount has a checkbox that indicates if that discount has been applied against the original price. A discount can be applied or unapplied by toggling this checkbox.

There is also an 'add discount' button which will change the user-interface so that other options appear. If there are any Concession type discounts that may apply, you will be able to select these from a select menu here. You will also have the option to enter a Promo Code. If you enter a Promo Code and click the 'check code' button, providing that the code is valid, that discount will be applied to the booking.

Workshop PriceThe Workshop Price will display the default Workshop Type cost for this workshop UNLESS a discount is applied using the discount select drop-down. Where a discount option is chosen, the discount rule will be applied and the new workshop price will appear in this field. You are able to charge this amount if necessary.
TotalTotal displays the final price including any additional items that are added to the Workshop Price.
CommentsEnter any Comments in regards to the price such as the reason for providing a complimentary booking.

The Action field allows you to select a number of options in regards to the invoice for the workshop.

  • Continue with regular booking - This option will continue the booking process without generating an invoice
  • Create New Open Invoice - This option will continue the booking process and create a new Open invoice. An Open invoice is one where transaction details can be added and altered. In addition, you can continue to add future invoicing transations to an existing Open invoice. For example, you may have a number of students booking on to a number of different workshops or programs at different times during the month but you want to present your client (the employer) with just one consolidated invoice with all course bookings for the month.
  • Create and Lock Invoice - This option will continue the booking process, create and then lock the invoice. Once an invoice is locked and 'finalised', no additional invoicing items are able to be added to that invoice. Payments can only be recorded for Locked invoices.
  • Add to Existing Invoice - This option (if displayed) will continue the booking process and add the booking fee to an existing, Open invoice. When this option is selected a drop-down menu will appear displaying all the existing invoices open for that organisation or payer. Simply select the desired invoice to attach the workshop price to. See Open and Locked Invoices for more information.

Preview Invoice and/or Accept CC PaymentTick the Preview Invoice and/or Accept CC Payment if you wish to preview the invoice and make a credit card payment. NOTE: We suggest ticking this box to check and finalise details before generating and saving the invoice.
Booking Confirmation - (Step 3) The Booking Confirmation page shown above, displays the Workshop Details table, the Send Template Confirmation table and the Send a Confirmation Email table.
Send Template ConfirmationSend Template Confirmation emails are custom-tailored emails that you set up yourself (with our support, if required) using the Template feature.
Send a Confirmation Email
Send a Confirmation Email enables you to send a standard, system-provided email confirmation which is set up during your implementation. The actions available in the table will vary depending on the invoicing action you chose on the previous page. If the action you chose involved an invoice you will be able to view the invoice by clicking the View it link.