In-House Workshops

In-House Workshops

This page explains the process of generating invoices and a few actions that are able to be taken once an invoice has been generated for in-house workshops. 

Basic Steps

  1. Use the Basic Steps from View Workshop.

Invoicing - In-house Workshops

  1. Follow Basic Steps.
  2. Click the Not Generated Yet link in the Invoices field on the View Workshop page. For more information, see Notes For Specific Fields
  3. The Items table on the Workshop Invoice page will display. For more information, see Notes For Specific Fields
  4. Once you are happy with the Items table, fill in the Course Invoice Export Status table. 
  5. Tick the Invoice Complete box. For more information, see Notes For Specific Fields
  6. To create a new invoice;
    1. Check the correct Contact link displays in the Invoice To field. 
    2. To change the contact, click the  icon.
    3. Click the Create New Invoice button. 
  7. To add items to an existing invoice;
    1. Use the radio dials to select the Existing Invoices associated with the organisation. 
    2. Click the Update Existing Invoice button.
  8. Upon selecting the Create New Invoice button or Update Existing Invoice button you will be taken to an open invoice. See Open and Locked Invoices for more information. 

Financial Actions on Existing In-house Invoice

  1. Follow Basic Steps

  2. In the Invoices section a link will display as well as a coloured paper icon. 
    •   icon - An open invoice has been generated but not lock and issued. Click the link to view the open invoice, see Open and Locked Invoices for more information.
    •  icon -  A locked invoice has been issued. Click the Invoice Number link to view this invoice and click the  icon to record a payment, see Payments Received for more information.
    •  icon - The invoice has been fully paid. Click the Invoice Number link to view the locked invoice, see Open and Locked Invoices for more information.
  3. If you wish to invoice the client after the workshop or create another invoice, click the  Issue another invoice link. See Invoicing - In-house Workshops for more information on this process.

Notes For Specific Fields

Field Name
Field Notes
Invoices field
Not Generated Yet linkBefore clicking this link make sure the Rate field is correct. This can be updated in the Update tab. Also check all Extra Billable Items have been added. Click the  icon to add items. NOTE: It is suggested you open the link by right mouse clicking and opening up the Workshop Invoice page in a new tab. This way change can easily be made to the original course details page if needed.
Items tableThe Items table displays all items and costs associated with the workshop that will be invoiced. Any Financial Notes will be displayed underneath the table. To change any items, simply update or add items at the Workshop level.
Course Invoice Export Status

In the Your Password field, enter the password to the Username you are logged in as.