Re-exporting financial data from aXcelerate

Re-exporting financial data from aXcelerate 

This page explains the process of re-exporting financial data from aXcelerate.

Basic Steps

  1. Choose Finance > View/Export Finance Data. 

  2. Fill in the Filter Results table as desired. For more information, see Notes For Specific Fields.

  3. Click the Search Transactions button to begin the search. 

  4. Find all the transactions that need to be re-exported from aXcelerate
  5. Click the ??? icon next to the desired transactions to reverse the export action. 
  6. Once all desired transactions have been adjusted and are able to be re-exported, move to the CSV Data File tab.
  7.  Click the Download button. 
  8. Download the appropriate data files into a zip file. 
  9. Import the relevant data into your desired accounting software. 

Notes For Specific Fields

Field Name
Field Notes

Filter Results

Date From/To

Select the date range of data you wish to export from aXcelerate in the Date From/To field.

 Transaction StatusSelect the Exported option in the Transaction Status field, as we are wishing to re-export transaction that have already been exported.
Transactions PageYellowAll rows of information should be highlighted in yellow, to represent that they have already been exported from aXcelerate.
 GreyWhen the transaction is highlighted grey, it is ready to be re-exported.

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