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Items List/Billable Items

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This page enables you to set up new billable/sales Item Types that you can use when creating invoices for your clients. These sales items are in addition to standard Program or Workshop fees. Example: You want to charge an 'Administration' fee, additional workbooks or textbooks, or you may charge for late payment of invoices, etc.

Basic Steps

  1. Choose Finance > Items List

  2. Click the Create a New Item link. 

  3. Populate fields in each section of the New Item Type form. For more information, see Notes For Specific Fields

  4. Click Add Item Type button. 
  5. The new billable item will be added to the Billable Items table. For more information, see Notes For Specific Fields

Notes For Specific Fields

Field Name
Field Notes
New Item Type form
Item DescriptorMandatory field.
Item CodeMandatory field.
Finance Account/CodeSelect a Finance Account/Code from the drop-down menu.
Default PriceEnter a Default Price for the item, and select the Inc. GST checkbox if required. NOTE: This field is mandatory.
Display on WebsiteTick the Display on Website checkbox if you wish for this feature to be displayed if your company is using the aXcelerate shopping cart feature.
ImageSelect an Image.
Item DescriptionEnter an Item Description that you wish to display within the shopping cart.
Billable Items table
UpdateTo update an item, click the  icon.
DeleteTo delete an item, click the  icon
Inactive/activeTo make an item inactive, click the  icon.