Finance Management

Finance Management

For Further Information regarding the new Finance System Enhancements click here.

This page provides an overview of the different functions of the new finance interface system.

Basic Steps

  1. Choose Finance > Finance Management

  2. The Invoicing page will display by default. For more information, see Notes For Specific Fields

Notes For Specific Fields

Finance Sections
Field Name
Field Notes
InvoicingThe Invoicing link will take you to the Invoice section where you can create, search and view invoices. See Invoicing for more information.
PaymentsThe Payments link will allows you to create, search and view payments that have been received. See Payments for more information.
Credit NotesThe Credit Notes link will take you to the Credit Notes area. Here you are able to create, search and view credit notes. See Credit Notes for more information.
RefundsThe Refunds link will take you to the refunds area where you are able to create, search and view refunds. See Refunds for more information.
StatementsThe Statements link will take you to the Statement Generator where you can search statements.
FinaliseThe Finalise link allows you to lock and refresh invoices.
ExportThe Export link will take you to the Finance System Data Export. See View/Export Finance Data for more information.
Finance Actions (left side)


Provides the ability to perform a basic or advance search in the different finance sections.


Provides the ability to create a New Invoice, Credit Note, Payments, Refunds.


Save the relevant transaction.


Refunds will only appear under Payments, Credit Note and Refunds sections.


The Payment action menu will enable you to access the following options:

  • Record Payment
  • Process Credit Card Payment
  • Show Applied Amounts


This will link you to the contacts Ledger view.


Enables you to send (email) the invoice, payment, credit note, refund using a template you have designed.



  • Create Credit Note
  • Cancel Invoice
  • Add Surcharge
  • Internal Comment
  • Delete Invoice
  • Unlock


  • Delete

Credit Note:

  • Internal Comment
  • Delete Credit Note
  • Unlock


  • Delete