Step-by-step guide for Accredited Training

Step-by-step guide for Accredited Training

This page lists all the steps involved in administering Accredited Training, from setting up and administering a full Program/Qualification, enrolment, right through to issuing the certificate.

These steps must be executed in sequence.

Mandatory steps are shaded in green.

Steps to setup Accredited Training





Help Topic

1Add Contacts for setting up Users

Add contacts for administrators, RTO compliance staff, course co-ordinators, managers and trainers. NOTE: There must be an RTO Management contact that will be used in the next step when setting up the RTO identifier information.Contact Management
2Setup System SettingsAdding of RTO ContactSetting up Note Types, Common Terms, Organisation Categories, Contact Sources (How did you hear about us?)System Settings
3Setup system User Role default types and their permissions
Setup the Trainer role and give permissions to access students and their course progress details.User Roles
4Setup System Users with specific permissionsUser RolesSetup Jenny as a Trainer role so that she can view students but not change unit of competency results when she logs in as a user of aXcelerate.Users
5Setup TrainersContact ManagementAdd Jenny to the list of Trainers so that she will appear in the list of available trainers for my courses.Trainers
6Setup Domain
Setup Domains to manage: multiple campuses e.g. CBD Head Office, Parramatta Campus, Balmain Campus, etc. OR Regions: e.g. Inner-west region, Northern Region, Southern Region OR Training Partners: Safety Training & Associates (auspice training partner)Domains
7Setup Finance CodesDomains (if required)MYOB or Xero account codes for Programs/Quals, Short Courses, or any other billable items to be invoiced (both direct course costs and non-course fees).Finance Codes
8Setup additional Billable ItemFinance CodesAdditional billable items could include admin fees, text books, etc.Items List/Billable Items
9Add images to the Images Library

Upload .jpg files of logos, watermarks and photos to be included in Certificates, email Templates and Training PlansImages Library
10Setup Certificate TemplatesImages from the Images library if images are required in Certificate TemplatesFull Program and Statement of Attainment Certificate Templates

Manage Certificate Templates

11Setup Templates for all communication & Training Plans (highly recommended)Images from the Images library if images are required in TemplatesInvoice templates, Training Plan for Hospitality programs, Enrolment confirmation emails, Reminder emails, Welcome emails, Post-course survey emailsCommunicate using Templates
12Setup Program (Qualification) and Subjects (Units)

Cert. IV in FLM with BSBWOR404B, BSBMGT404A, BSBMKG413A, etc.



13Setup Trainer Competencies

Trainer setup;

Programs/Quals and Subjects/Units

Setup Dave Smith's competency map to reflect that he is able to train and assess in all units of the Certificate IV in Business Administration; Setup Annabelle Hall to reflect that she is only able to deliver (not assess) the first aid unit HLTAID003ATrainer Competencies
14Setup Package Rules Programs/Quals and Subjects/UnitsProgram must have 8 cores, 6 electives: 3 from Group A, 2 from Group B or C, etc. (Recommended for Data Hygiene)Package Rules
15Setup Contract(s)

User Choice funded Traineeship - Cert. III in ConstructionContracts
16Setup Finance Models

Variable pricing for Student Tuition, Employer Contribution, etc.Finance Models
17Setup Workshop Type(s)

Create the Workshop Type 'template' for Block 1 and Block 2 sessions

Workshop Types

18Schedule Workshop Instances

Schedule Block 1 from 18-5-14 to 22-5-14 in Training Room 2, head officeAdd New Workshop
19Resources Library - Uploading Program/Qual., Subject/Unit or Workshop-related materials or assessment tasks materials into the Resources Library

Upload the Assessment Guide for Cert III in BA and also upload all the assessment tasks into the Resources LibraryAdding Resources for specific Workshops, Programs and/or Subjects
20Setup Assessments against the relevant Subjects and link to resources from the Resources Library Uploading of resources into the Resources LibrarySetup theory and practical assessment tasks for the Cert III in BAAssessments
21Setup eLearning (Moodle, FinPa LMS) 

Setup three e-learning modules that are in Moodle to link to our aXcelerate courseseLearning Moodle 
22Setup VET FEE-HELP functionality

Setup all the elements of VET FEE-HELP for, say, a Diploma of DesignVET Student Loans
23Setup timetabling-related resources: Venues/Rooms and Equipment (optional for timetabling/scheduling of face-to-face sessions related to subject(s)/unit(s))Adding of Venue Contact(s)Setup my four training rooms at head office to allocate the right trainers to the right rooms and have aXcelerate warn me of clashes of trainers, rooms or equipment.

Room Setup

Equipment Setup

24Setup a Class (an instance of a Program or Qualification)

Programs/Quals & Subjects/Units

Delivery Locations

Domains (if required)

Finance Codes (if invoicing)

Payment Plans (if offering Payment Plans)

Trainers and Trainer Competencies

Contracts (for funded training)

Cert. III in Hospitality - Cohort A - Feb 2014Classes
25Enrol Students

Enrol Jason Hill into the Certificate III in Business AdministrationEnrol Student in a Class
26Monitor and manage student progress

See how all the students are progressing in the Cert. III in BAClass Matrix
27Mark/manage assessments Assessments setupUpload assessment evidence and mark for Jason Hill's first UnitLegacy - Manage Student Assessment Submissions
28Result Student OutcomesSpecial user permissions for resultingChange competency statuses for Jason Hill who is undertaking the Certificate III in Business Administration

Set the Competency Status for all subject enrolments for the student

29Report AVETMISS data

Submit monthly AVETMISS claim to DETA for User Choice traineeships and other funded coursesAVETMISS
30Issue CertificatesCertificate Templates setupAll certificates for all students who have completed their Certificate III in Business AdministrationPrint/Issue Certificates from a Class
31Send Learner Engagement and Employer Satisfaction Surveys Surveys (manual method)Employer contact set against Student (Learner) contact recordAt the completion of accredited training, the Learner Engagement survey can be emailed directly to all completed students (who have a valid email address) to gauge their engagement with the training course and the trainer. The Employer Satisfaction survey is the complementary survey for Employers. The latter surveys will only be sent where the Employer contact is set against the student who is undertaking the training.

Learner Engagement & Employer Satisfaction Surveys