This area provides a range of standard reports and access to the Report Builder, which provides authorised system users with a tool to create custom reports based on their unique needs. Reports created through the Report Builder use criteria provided by the user to generate unique reports. For example, a manager might want to know the following: Who are all the people who have attended our Workplace Health and Safety Program during the last quarter, or what is the most popular workshop by quality rating during the last 12 months or who are the staff whose First Aid certificates will expire and are due for re-certification during the next three months? Reports created through the Report Builder can then be stored and reused, building a library of custom reports that are linked to the user that created them. Ongoing development of the Report Builder will provide a continually expanding access to a wider range of custom reports to assist users to make appropriate decisions regarding their training business. The Reports section also enables System Administrators and Workshop Coordinators to create and submit specialised RTO compliance reports such as AVETMISS.

What you will find in this section: