How To Use This Help


How To Use This Help

These online help pages have been designed to provide users with a concise and effective instruction for all actions available in aXcelerate. The standards that are used in the Help pages and also in the aXcelerate application are described on this page, along with a variety of other information pertinent to the use and configuration of aXcelerate.


Standards in the Help pages

Each area within aXcelerate correlates directly to the menus in the aXcelerate application, and these "areas" can be selected from the page tree on the left hand side of the screen. On selection of an area, that area's home page is displayed. The home page for each section will display links to all of the content pages within that section. Note that on selection of the area in the page tree, the tree does not automatically expand. This can be done manually by clicking the arrow to the left of the text:


Each content page follows a standard format. This includes Basic Steps (which describe the menu navigation, record selections and button clicks) and Notes on Specific Fields (which describe more detailed information on particular areas of the page where a description is necessary). The help pages do not describe every field in detail with the intention of keeping the instruction concise. The aXcelerate application includes tool tips which are the most efficient way to find information about a field and it's requirements.

The content pages follow a standard for menu navigation and selections, which is Menu > Menu Item. For example:

  1. Choose Contacts > Add New Contact.

Content Help pages also include quick links to the sections within the page, and also links to related topics.  These are displayed in panels on the right hand side of the Help page.

Versions of aXcelerate

As there is more than one version of aXcelerate there are some parts of the functionality that are not available in some versions. These Help pages include instruction and information for all parts of the functionality within aXcelerate. As a result of this some users will not have a need for some of the Help pages. Similarly if the instruction differs for different versions this will be identified and explained in the relevant Help page. For example in the Add New Employee help page:

Enterpise Icon Note: This action is only available in the aXcelerate Enterprise Edition!

Search and Labels

The aXcelerate Help Pages can be searched using the standard method. The Search box is located in the top right hand side of the page as demonstrated:


The aXcelerate Help Pages make use of labels (or “tags”) which again are used in a standard fashion to categorise content using keywords on each page:


This overview is easily accessible from every Help page by clicking the link in the top right hand corner: