Exporting Detailed Financial Information from aXcelerate in Xero

Exporting Detailed Financial Information from aXcelerate

This page steps you through the process of exporting financial data from aXcelerate. The information can then be imported into Xero.

  Basic Steps

  1. Choose Finance > View/Export Finance Data

  2. The Finance System Data Export page will display.

  3. Select the desired tab for the information you wish to export.
  4. Fill in the Date Filter form at the top of the page, see Notes For Specific Fields for more information.
  5. Click Search.
  6. Tick the box next to the desired transaction/record you wish to export.
  7. Once all desired boxes are ticked, click Export Selected <information>
  8. If successful a 'Successfully exported <n> Invoice(s) to Xero'.

Notes For Specific Fields

Field Name
Field Notes
 Date Filter form
Information that has not been exportedUse the following drop-down to select what type of information you wish to export from aXcelerate.
FromEnter the entry start date you wish to filter result on.
ToEnter the entry finish date you wish to filter result on.