aXcelerate Administration Portal Configuration for Learner Portal

aXcelerate Administration Portal Configuration for Learner Portal

This page steps you through the basic administration functions you need set up to use different functions of the Learner Portal.

Basic Terminology

Before starting with the Learner Portal it is important to set the correct terminology for your organisation. The terminology is set in the Core Settings tab under System Settings (Settings > System Settings) see Core Settings for more information.

You must fill in the the Training Administrator Email Address field with the desired email address your want the feedback submitted through the portal to go to. NOTEIf using the Request to Enrol feature for a non-enterprise account, please fill in the Training Administrator Email Address field. This will be the email which receives any enrolment requests made by students.

The Portal name will be based on what you have decided to enter as your Common Term for Training Participant. If using the term Student, the portal will be Student Portal etc. For the purpose of the help, we refer to the portal as the Learner Portal to differ from our existing Student Portal. 

Enter the common term you wish to use for activities, such as workshops, programs or eLearning courses, in the Common Term for a Learner Portal Activity: (New Learner Portal only) field. For example you may wish to use the terms 'course' or 'activity' to encompass all types of training events. For the purpose of the help we refer to the Common Term for Learner Portal as Course.

Giving Students access to the Learner Portal

For students to access the portal they must have a Student System User created against their contact. NOTE:  Steps 1 & 2 below are one-time set up steps. The remaining steps are repeated for each individual student you wish to grant access to.




Help Topic

1Create a Student User RoleWhen creating a user role simply give it a Role Name as desired, select the student Role View and leave the Allow Access To field blank.User Roles
2Create a merge document or template which is used to email the login details for the Student/Learner Portal

Create a template or merge document that can be sent to the student, which contains their username and a link to the Learner Portal login page (

The text should instruct the student to click the 'Forgot your password?' link at the bottom of the login page to email a reset link to create a password. NOTE: The student will receive the link via the email address they have against their contact record in aXcelerate.

Create, Update or Preview a Merge Document or Communicate using Templates

3Create a user for each StudentThis can be done from the System Users tab under Settings or from the Actions tab on the student's contact record.

Users or Contact Actions

4Email each student

Send the student a merge document or template (sent from contact record) with their username and a link to the Learner Portal login page (


Send A Merge Document or

Contact Actions

Setting up the Request to Enrol Features




Help Topic


Have aXcelerate Administration turn on the Enrolment Request Widget V2 and Widget Settings

Contact aXcelerate Support through the Support Centre to turn on these aXcelerate Only settings.aXcelerate Configuration Settings for the Learner Portal
2Update System Settings to reflect correct Training Administrator

Enter the email which will receive the enrolments request. This email will be linked to a current or newly created user.

Core Settings

3Set up a contact and create a user within the Training Administration

Update an existing user's contact record with the training administration email that has been updated in the System Settings, if applicable. Update the user record to change the home page to the dashboard and add the Enrolment Request widget.

Alternatively create a new user based on a new contact, with the training administration email.

Update Contact and Users 
Add New Contact and Users

4Process enrolment requests through the training administrator user's dashboard.

Accept and decline enrolment requests as desired.

Home page


My Courses area on Home page for individual students

The courses displayed in the 'My Courses - Current Courses' area of the home page will mirror the current courses displayed in the student's contact record under the 'Current Workshop Participant Record Table', 'Programs table' and 'eLearning'. See View Contact for more information.  The icons below refer to the following types of training:

  •  - Workshops (face to face events)
  •  - eLearning
  •  - Accredited Training Enrolments - program and accredited workshop

Training courses will display under the 'My Courses - Current Courses' based on the following rules:

  • eLearning - the student has a booked or cancelled status for the activity.
  • Programs or Accredited Workshops -  there is no completion date for the enrolment and the class finish date is in the future.
  • Workshops - the finish date of the workshop is in the future.

Past Courses area on Home page for individual students

The courses displayed in the 'Past Courses' area of the home page will mirror the current courses displayed in the student's contact record under the 'Past Workshop Participant Record Table', completed Programs and completed eLearning courses, see View Contact for more information. 

The training courses will display in the 'Past Courses' area of the Home page based on:

  • Workshops - if the dates for the workshop are in the past
  • Programs/Accredited Training - if the completion date is in the past
  • eLearning - if the enrolment has a completed status

NOTE: If you wish for students to have the ability to launch eLearning courses they have completed please make sure the aXcelerate customer service team have switched on the 'Launch Completed eLearning Permission' first.

Contact Portfolio Setup

Once you have decided which contact portfolios use wish for your students to access you must set up 'Contact Portfolio Types' for each portfolio item, see Contact Portfolio Types for more information.

If you want some general information on the portfolios for the contacts, see Portfolio.

Calendar Setup

The calendar will display the following events:

  • My Enrolled - displays training events which the student is enrolled in.
  • Non-Accredited - displays all upcoming non-accredited workshops. 
  • Accredited - displays all upcoming accredited training events (programs and accredited workshops).
  • External Event - displays events like public holidays, which are provided by Google calendars. NOTE: These events are unable to be drilled into, due to a client request.

Resources Setup

For resources to show in the 'Resources' tab the following conditions must be fulfilled: