Assessment Plans

Assessment Plans

An Assessment Plan contains multiple different Assessment Tasks that are linked to a qualification. Utilising Assessment Plans allows a user to quickly link multiple Assessment Tasks to a Class Instance in the Class creation process. These Plans are imperative to successfully utilising Assessment Tasks and Assessment Authoring.

Definition of terms used in Assessment Authoring:

Assessment Task - is the assessment tool or test that has one or more Assessment Items

Assessment Mode - is the method that the Assessor will use to assess a student. Examples include quiz, observation checklists and RPL

Assessment Item - is the generic term for an Assessment Task element such as a question, assessment criterion or activity

Section - creates a heading to group one or more Assessment Items within the Assessment Task

Basic Steps

  1. Choose Assessments  Assessment Plans

  2. Click Add New Assessment Plan
  3. Fill in the Assessment Plan Details form as required, see Notes For Specific Fields for more information.

  4. Click Save and Add Assessment Tasks.

Notes For Specific Fields

Field NameField Note
Qualification  This field is where you would select the Qualification that you want to setup the Assessment Plan for.
NameThis is the Name of the Assessment Plan and will display primarily on the Assessment Plan home page.
Save and Add Assessment TasksThis field save's the Assessment Plan you wish to create and then will open the Update Assessment Plan page where you will then have the ability to setup your Assessment Plan.

Setting up an Assessment Plan with Assessment Tasks

**Please Note: To complete this step you must first Map Assessment Tasks to the Qualification you are creating an Assessment Plan for within Assessment Authoring: See Related topic - Assessment Authoring and Mapping**

  1. First complete the basic steps.
    1. Alternatively if an Assessment Plan has already been setup but there have been no Assessment Tasks linked yet
      1.  Choose Assessments  Assessment Plans
      2.  Click the Update  icon next to the desired Assessment Plan you wish to add Assessment Tasks to.
  2. From the Mapped Assessment Tasks section, Click the + button on the right hand side of the desired Mapped Assessment Task to make a Selected Assessment Task for that Assessment Plan. This will look similar to the following:

  3. Complete step 2 for all of the Assessment Tasks you wish to include in the Assessment Plan.
  4. You are also given the option to add all of the Mapped Assessment Tasks as Selected Assessment Tasks by selecting the  button. 
  5. Once an Assessment Task has been linked to an Assessment Plan it will move from the Mapped Assessment Tasks section to the Selected Assessment Tasks section. This will look similar to the following:
  6. Click Save.