Assessment Types

Assessment Types

An Assessment Type allows a user to categorise the Assessment Modes in an Assessment Task. The name of the Assessment Type is what will display for reporting purposes and is also what will display in a portal i.e. Trainer portal, Student Portal etc.  

Definition of terms used in Assessment Authoring:

Assessment Task - is the assessment tool or test that has one or more Assessment Items

Assessment Mode - is the method that the Assessor will use to assess a student. Examples include quiz, observation checklists and RPL

Assessment Item - is the generic term for an Assessment Task element such as a question, assessment criterion or activity

Section - creates a heading to group one or more Assessment Items within the Assessment Task

Adding an Assessment Type 

  1. Choose Assessments → Assessment Types.

  2. Click Add New Assessment Type.
  3. Fill in the Add/Update Assessment Type form as required, see Notes for Specific Fields for more information.

  4. Click Submit.

Editing an Assessment Type

  1. Choose Assessments → Assessment Types.
  2. Click the Update icon  on right hand side of the page next to the desired Assessment Type you wish to edit. 
  3. Fill in the Add/Update Assessment Type form as required, see Notes for Specific Fields for more information.
  4. Click Submit.

You can also Add/Edit an Assessment Type via Settings → System Settings → Additional Options.

Notes For Specific Fields

Field NameField Note
Name This field is the determining component that will categorise the Assessment Modes when creating an Assessment Task. The name written here is what will display in the Mode section when creating an Assessment Task
DescriptionThe information written here can only be seen via the Assessments  Assessment Types page. This field is used to distinguish between each Assessment Type.
Internal TypeThis field is the hard coded Mode within the system that determines what information is included in an Assessment Task. i.e. what information is needed to be included in a question.  
Allow File Upload

This field must be checked if you wish files to be uploaded to an Assessment Task with this Assessment Type